Parts Department

Auto Parts in Waterloo, ON

When it comes to auto parts in Waterloo, nobody does it better than the team here at Stockie Chrysler. No matter what your needs are, be it Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram parts, we have the authentic OEM parts to make your next repair, replacement, or customization a success. Be it car parts, car accessories, or anything in between, we pride ourselves on the selection and customer service we bring to all of our customers.

Ordering Car Parts Just Got Easier

If you're looking for a specific car part up to and including mufflers, batteries, or suspension parts, we can help with that. If it's not on our shelves, don't worry though - in most cases, it will be, we would be more than happy to order it into our Waterloo store for you. If you'd prefer to do it from your own home feel free to order your parts from our easy to use online ordering system. Just type in the kind of car batteries or spoiler you are looking for, and with a click, we'll have it on the way.

It doesn't stop there for us though. We believe in customer service in all its forms. From information about our OEM parts to simple conversations about an upcoming project, we want to help you successfully get under that hood and make this project a winner. Come to us for any advice, direction, or just to let us know how things are going with your vehicle. We love talking to the people of Waterloo and surrounding communities!

Questions? We're Here to Help!

One last note, we know that sometimes our eyes are bigger than our wrenches and we start a project without fully understanding its complexity, fair enough. If you find yourself out of your depth with a part installation, feel free to bring it into our skilled service team. They have the tools and technology needed to install any auto part that we carry in Waterloo and will do it all with an expertise that only decades under the hood can provide. We don't think you will, but if you need it, we're here to help!