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Dodge Ram 1500 in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a Dodge Ram 1500 in Kitchener-Waterloo or if you are looking for a Dodge Ram 1500 on the moon. What matters is that you are ready to take the first step in building what will undoubtedly be the most incredible next stage of your life. The Ram 1500 is essentially the perfect form of a modern truck. If if you need proof of that just imagine closing your eyes, please don't though, it makes it hard to keep reading - bear with us here, and picturing the perfect modern truck in your mind's eye. Was it the Dodge Ram 1500? Look at the picture over there, it almost certainly was wasn't it? Odds are good that what most people imagine to be a modern truck is pretty much exactly what the Ram 1500 is already bringing to the table, and that is a legacy that doesn't happen overnight.

Rely on the Ram 1500's Endless Capabilities

But, where would you even get this absolute unit?  Well, the best place to start is right here at Stockie Chrysler. We have a new look, a fresh face, and a genuine love for all things Ram. We are the area experts when it comes time to choose what the perfect Ram to set about building your reputation as a local folk hero. If you think we're joking, consider this: Remember the Neverending Story? That heartbreaking scene where Atreyu can't tow his horse out of the muck? All we're saying is that if he had had a Dodge Ram 1500 to tow that horse out then Artax might still be alive. With up to 10,640 lb of towing capability and a sophisticated 4x4 drive systems to handle the swamp, we promise that with the technology available, that horse would be alive and well and that swamp would be a rear view memory. If you don't get this reference, we're very sorry that this story seems to have no end. Regardless, when the time comes to start your personal legend in Kitchener-Waterloo, start it right with a Dodge Ram 1500 from Stockie Chrysler.