About Us

While you may have known us as ‘Waterloo Dodge’ for a time, we are happy to be joining the Finch Auto Group family of dealerships and giving ourselves a quick coat of paint while we are at it. One rebrand later, and we are now open and ready to continue serving you better than ever as Stockie Chrysler. We still have all the same great service, low-pressure sales team, and customer-first policies that we have always had at Waterloo Dodge, but now we have the selection and peace of mind that comes with the Finch Auto Group name. We were good apart, but together we might just be the best dealership in all of Ontario.

Speaking of family, the Stockie family is back together again under one roof. After going off and finding success after success with other dealerships and ventures, this reunion with each other, and with the people of Waterloo, is a welcome and fortuitous one. Adam comes to us from a successful run in London as the brand new Managing Partner, while Gary ends what was a professional tour through Stratford, New Hamburg and Kitchener by joining Stockie Chrysler as its experienced Dealer Principal right here at Waterloo. Welcome back, team!

With the Stockie family at the rudder and the Finch Auto Group behind our sails, we have charted a straightforward course for success. But our map has always been our dedication to you, our customers. Everything we do, from the moment you walk in until the moment you drive out we want you to be comfortable, confident, and in control of the situation. Our goal is not just to sell you a Dodge Ram 1500, Jeep Wrangler, or a Dodge Grand Caravan. Our goal is to understand your needs as a driver and find the vehicle that matches. We never just want to sell you a car or SUV, at a fundamental level, we want to impress you so much that we become your automotive resource for life. For Stockie Chrysler, that is the destination.

We offer a wide range of benefits outside of simply selling vehicles. From parts and service centers that are unparalleled in the area to the financing department who take an active role in finding you a loan that works for you, we believe in going the extra mile for you, our customers. We endeavour to cover every possible automotive base with a knowledgeable staff that you will want to return to as often as needed.

At the brand new Stockie Chrysler, we are so happy to be back, right here in Waterloo. Everything we are doing, and our constant guiding principle, is to make your experience even better than you could have ever imagined. We aim to be a comprehensive automotive resource for you and yours, and if we have done our jobs right then Stockie should be the very first and the very last place that you visit for a new car. With that in mind, come and see us soon and view our impressive inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles like the Jeep Cherokee. We can’t wait to meet you!